Carriage Hills Baptist Church
Saturday, October 19, 2019
Welcome to Our Church
New Scheduled Activities
 Trunk or Treat Oct 31 @ 6:30 pm ... Craft Fair Nov 2 from 9:00am to 2:00pm …Preschool Thanksgiving Program Nov 15 @ 7:00pm     


     (To Be Announced)
           Music Director              
           Bill Anderson  
The Music Ministry is an important piece for full worship, preparing hearts for the preaching of God's word.  It is an opportunity for all ages to serve, grow and learn.  Our Children's Choirs participate in worship services.  Teenagers are encouraged to participate in our Adult Worship Choir.  We have a variety of ages faithful to choir singing traditional, southern gospel and blended songs.
Bill Anderson
      Preschool Director
             Jan Derouen
 CHBC Preschool believes that every child is a unique creation of God and it is our God-given responsibility to minister, nurture, love, educate and direct them in the instruction of our Lord. 
Christian education is very important for preschool students.  A child's spiritual foundation and world view is largely developed during these early years of life.  When children hear consistent messages about God at home, school, and church, it solidifies their understanding God's love for His children, His plan for salvation and their place in God's kingdom.  
Each day at CHBC Preschool, we start the day with a Bible Story and prayer time with the children.  We teach them about God's love and about giving of themselves to help others through service projects.
       Church Secretary
            Betty O'Dell
 God brought me to Carriage Hills Baptist Church as secretary on February 25, 2008.  He has blessed me in many, many ways during my years here.  On January 17, 2017 God allowes me to become a member of this church.  CHBC is a loving and caring church that truly loves the Lord.  I am blessed to say that I share God's word with the most wonderful ladies in the State of Mississippi.  They are truly Senior Saints and I love them very much.  I get so excited when we start Sunday School every Sunday morning.  
Come visit CHBC and you will agree with me.
Love in Christ,
Betty O'Dell 
        Rhonda Bargery
        Brenda Thomas
          Youth Leaders
    Chris & Lydia Martin
Chris and Lydia have lived in Southaven for 14 years.  They have been married for21 years and have 2 children, Mitchell and Madeline.  They volunteer as Carriage Hill's youth leaders for grades 6 - 12.  They believe there is no greater joy than to see young adults growing their faith and love for the Lord.
Director, Children's Ministry
           Erin Dempsey
Erin grew up in Florence, AL.  She became a Christian at a children's camp when she was nine years old, and surrendered to the ministry at a youth camp when she was fifteen.  Erin graduated with a Bachelor's of Science from Union University and
followed that with a Master's in Christian Education from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.  She has been Director of Children's Ministry at Carriage Hills since 2013.

Because of her experiences at children's camp, she recognizes children's ministry as a very important part of her spiritual growth.  Erin wants the children in this ministry to understand God's love and have the opportunity for spiritual growth.  The children have activities on Wednesday night, and Bible Drill on Sunday Night, with other activities scheduled regularly.